Anna Sanmartí – Filmmaker

Adur, Oihan and Jokin have been imprisoned 800 days for a bar brawl. The Altsasu case depicts the wounds that remain open in spite of the Basque peace process: ETA has dissolved and disarmed and has committed no assassination in almost 9 years. But not everybody seems willing to turn the page and facilitate reconciliation and cohabitation.

«Altsasu, unhealed wounds» approaches mothers, fathers, friends and neighbours of the convicted teens as well as victims of ETA terrorism. The documentary analizes the future of the Basque peace process, the attacks on fundamental rights and freedoms and the many similarities with Catalonia, through interviews to leading experts, political and social leaders, former ETA prisoner, police unions and mediators.

Screened at TVC «Sense Ficció», February 2019

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