Anna Sanmartí – Filmmaker

Je ne suis pas moi-même explores the contradictions within the world of African antiques. Where do the African masks come from? How did they arrive in the showcases of the biggest galleries and collections in Europe? Who decides how much each piece is worth in this post-colonial context? In Europe there’s a market needy of new ethnic art pieces. In Africa they’re in need of economical resources, some are willing to sell their cultural legacy or even fake it if need be. The limits of authenticity grow blurry when sacred objects by those who adored them a very short time ago.

Aired on Catalan TV. Selected at Tariff Film Festival 09, at Malaga Film Festival 07 (Born in Malaga) and at International 1001 Documentary Film Festival 2007. Winner at RAI Documentary Film Festival London 2009 (Material Culture Film Prize)


je-ne-suis-pas-moi-meme-frame-01.jpg je-ne-suis-pas-moi-meme-frame-02.jpg