Anna Sanmartí – Filmmaker

The journey begins. Behind, an accumulation of sounds and images, where things are losing their name. A train takes us far away. To Mongolia. On the way, unknown faces, new melodies, gestures that fuse with the landscape. Being in a strange land, moving with it. With each step, our destination vanishes and pushes us forward, revealling the sense, that has always been there, that emerges through the mere existence: A land that, by undressing itself, fills up and inhabitates us. And from here, maybe, recover that place from which to look again.

# Screened at Nyon Film Festival, Rotterdam Film Festival, Documenta Madrid, Wroclaw Film Fest, Milano Film Festival, Paris «La Pagode», among others. Released and exhibited in Casablanca Cinemas of Barcelona (2010). Aired on CatalanTV. Winner of DocLisboa 2010, International Competition, Jury Special Prize. Winner of Cortomieres Film Festival 2010 (Asturias, Spain)

la-terra-habitada-frame-01.jpg la-terra-habitada-frame-02.jpg la-terra-habitada-frame-03.jpg